Thursday, July 23, 2015

Russ Stewart reports on the recent judicial pre-slating

Park Ridge attorney Russ Stewart, who has written a political column for the Nadig Newspapers since about forever, has weighed in on last month's Cook County Democratic Party Pre-Slating with a column entitled, "In Cook County, Judge-Making is Like Sausage Making." The link will take you to the complete column; here's a brief excerpt:
According to insiders, the candidates likely to be slated for the Circuit Court are Aleks Gillespie, Maureen Hannon, Alison Conlon, Brendan O'Brien, Daniel Patrick Duffy, Carolyn Joan Gallagher and Rossana Fernandez, Travis Richardson and John Lyke (who are black), and Devlin Schoop, who is backed by the gay bar association but who is not gay.

Alternates are Chaudhuri, Pat Spratt, Pat Heneghan, Carolyn Joan Gallagher, Mary Melchor and Joe Cleary.
Be sure to read the entire piece.

The Cook County Democratic Party's slating meeting has now been set for August 18 and 19.