Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A "glitter bomb" to deter porch package snatchers

I heard about this today on the radio, then saw the video on Facebook -- which means I'm probably the last person in America to see this -- but, if by some chance you also haven't seen this, I believe you will find it well worth the 11 minutes or so that it takes to watch the whole thing.

Cleaning up the Sidebar on Page One

It's time -- past time, really -- to retire the remaining 2018 candidate websites from Page One. As is my custom, I bury the links here on Page Two (these are the websites for candidates in contested judicial elections this past November) -- and some are probably already dead -- but persons looking for ideas for their own campaign websites may find some inspiration in any links that remain.
After all, it will time to start putting up 2020 links soon enough. I am aware of a few domains that have already been reserved....