Monday, May 28, 2012

Lots more pictures from today's Memorial Day Parade in Norwood Park

The Norwood Park Memorial Day Parade had its share of politicians and bands, but this is traditionally a parade of neighbors, through the neighborhood.

Of course, this group is always a crowd favorite.

Especially when they salute the fans by shooting off a volley.

Even the reenactors can get startled when the shots are fired, however, at least the youngest ones.

Here are some more shots from early in the parade that didn't fit on page one.

Long-time parade organizer James C. Del Medico was remembered in the parade today.

Del Medico passed away last August.

Here are more shots of the Taft and Kelvyn Park High School groups.

And there a great many school groups, including this one from Onahan School, where the parade forms up.

This young man from Garvey School showed some pride in carrying the colors.

And then came the scout groups. The scouting movement is alive and well in Norwood Park.

There were Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Girl Scout groups from Immaculate Conception Parish.

The parade of scouts was interrupted a hint of the parade of antique autos yet to come.

But not for long.

And church groups were heard from as well.

The Norwood Park Dog Association was included in the festivities as well -- but the hot weather today held down the numbers of the canine component.

A lot of local businesses use the parade to advertise their products or services. But I have it on good authority that this is not the vehicle in which this moving company moves households.

There is always a parade of cars at the end of the parade, all allegedly antiques.

These may qualify.

But these? I admired cars like these when they were new. If they're antiques, then... what does that make me?

And what would you expect at the end of a parade? Santa Claus?

Well... this almost qualifies.

But it was the Chicago Police who actually brought up the rear. And even the little kids were interested to see the horses.

Still want to see more pictures? Even if you've already seen the ones on page one, there's still more online at the 41st Ward Citizen's Blog.