Friday, August 5, 2016

Time to set clear the stage and reset it for November

Long past time, really; I know that. But I've been busy practicing law, playing with my grandchildren, worrying about the future. But, finally, today, I move the whole long list of 2016 Cook County Circuit Court judicial primary candidate websites over here to Page 2. A lot of these sites have already come down. The only Appellate Court candidate website already belongs to another hopeful in a different state.

Some of the websites listed below will stay up in hopes of 2018. Some will stay up from inertia. But interested persons (i.e., prospective candidates and their likely core supporters) can browse the sites that remain and harvest ideas for their own campaigns to come.

Call it "research," if you like.

Without further prologue, then, here is the list.
There is still a candidate list in the Sidebar on Page One -- but it will only have the names of those candidates who face contested elections in November. These are only in the 12th and 13th Subcircuits. If you compare the list above with the new list on Page One, you'll note two additions, both candidates for the Mathein vacancy in the 12th Subcircuit, Democrat Janet Cronin Mahoney (I probably didn't find her website until I was putting my Organizing the Data posts together) and Republican James Leonard Allegretti (whose website I didn't find during the primary season).

The only Cook County Circuit Court candidate in a contested race missing from the new Page One list is Thomas William Flannigan, Republican candidate for the Kazmierski vacancy in the 12th Subcircuit.

Updated January 24, 2017 to add the list of November candidates (and their sites, or one-time sites) to this archive:
For those tempted to say 'it took you long enough,' I can only agree. Sorry.