Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cyber Monday: It's not just for Amazaon any more

Black Friday got moved back to Thanksgiving evening this year as retailers looked to get a head start on the vital Christmas shopping season.

Traffic reports on Black Friday morning skipped past the nearly empty expressways to provide detailed reports on where the cars really were -- looking for parking places at area malls.

Black Friday was followed by Small Business Saturday. This, in turn, was followed by Cyber Monday.

What? Nobody could come up with a clever name for the First Sunday of Advent?

On Cyber Monday, when people are supposed to be back at work,online retailers (etailers?) get a surge in business from people using their office computers for personal shopping.

But take a look at these souvenirs from my inbox:

On Cyber Monday 2011, it looks like these providers were trying to sell stuff to lawyers for work, at work.

Is that legal?

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