Saturday, March 12, 2016

Organizing the Data: 11th Subcircuit, Zwick vacancy

This candidate is running unopposed in the Democratic primary; no Republican filed for this vacancy.

William B. Sullivan - #244

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Bar Association Evaluations

The Chicago Bar Association says:
Judge William B. Sullivan is “Qualified” for the office of Circuit Court Judge. Judge Sullivan was admitted to practice law in Illinois in 1992 and was engaged in the solo practice of law for 22 years before his appointment in 2015 to the Circuit Court. Judge Sullivan is currently assigned to the First Municipal Division of the Circuit Court and is well regarded for his work ethic, fine temperament, and knowledge of the law.
The Chicago Council of Lawyers says:
Hon. William B. Sullivan was admitted to practice in 1992. He was appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to the Circuit Court in 2015. He had been a sole practitioner since 1992. He worked on various civil legal issues including, but not limited to, commercial and real estate litigation and transactions. Much of his trial experience has been litigation involving eviction cases turning on interpretations of commercial leases. He is active in community affairs. The Council finds him Qualified for the Circuit Court.
The Illinois State Bar Association says:
William B. Sullivan was admitted to practice in 1992. He was appointed to the Circuit Court in June 2015. Prior to his appointment he was a sole practitioner concentrating in real estate and eviction cases, including some complex mattes. As an attorney he was reported to be professional, diligent and experienced. He has been active in community affairs. Judge Sullivan is found to be Qualified for election to the Circuit Court.
Other Bar Association Evaluations:
Asian American Bar Association of the
Greater Chicago Area
Black Women Lawyers’ Association of Greater ChicagoRecommended
Cook County Bar AssociationRecommended
Decalogue Society of LawyersRecommended
Hellenic Bar AssociationRecommended
Hispanic Lawyers Association of IllinoisQualified
Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of ChicagoRecommended
Puerto Rican Bar Association of IllinoisRecommended
Women’s Bar Association of IllinoisRecommended

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